Pearls Conference 2014

A New Police, A New Generation

San Francisco, USA

The 8th Pearls in Policing Conference was hosted in San Francisco, USA, from 14 – 18 June 2014 and was organised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Pearls Secretariat in the Netherlands. The theme of the conference was “A New Police, A New Generation”.


During the Pearls conference discussions were based on the research conducted by the members of the International Action Learning Group (IALG), two working groups consisting of the police chiefs themselves, inspiring interactive sessions and peer to peer consultations. The conference invited participants to engage in a discussion about the needs of modern policing and how to best position the next generation of police leadership to meet those needs. The 2013-2014 IALG assignment, which has been formulated during the previous Pearls in Policing conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, gave the IALG participants three scenarios set ten years into the future. The IALG was challenged to put themselves in the place of their leaders and consider the human requirements of police, rather than the technical, to be able to handle these scenarios and also to consider how police will fit into the whole of community response in the future. Furthermore, the IALG was tasked with looking at the problem not only from a response perspective, but also from the perspective of prevention and aftermath management.


Working group 1

What will be the future role of police, given fundamental shifts in their strategic and operational environment? What do stake holders want their police to be? What will policing look like as the traditional monopoly erodes? How do you position yourself and develop a strategy for this multi-agency environment?


Working group 2

How can police bridge the gap between masses of raw data and information that is useful in an operational context?



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