Pearls Conference 2015

Shaping Innovation through Partnerships

Copenhagen, Denmark

The 9th Pearls in Policing Conference was hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 13 – 17 June 2015 and was organised by the Danish Police and the Pearls Secretariat in the Netherlands. The theme of the conference was “Shaping Innovation through Partnerships”.


During the Pearls conference discussions were based on the research conducted by the members of the International Action Learning Group (IALG), two working groups consisting of the police chiefs themselves, inspiring interactive sessions and peer to peer consultations. The annual conference is the culmination of a year of continuous learning undertaken by the IALG. The 2014-2015 IALG has presented its findings, based on the assignment which has been formulated during the previous Pearls  in Policing conference in San Francisco, USA, to the Pearls delegates at the start of the conference: How do you create a police organisation with the culture and conditions that foster innovation through partnerships? Research the need for partnerships in innovation, both public-public and public-private, as well as co-creation (public, private and academic). Describe the principles that  – from a police point of view – should govern those partnerships and how they can be implemented, bearing in mind the existence of ethical, legal and cultural boundaries and challenges. How do those partnerships develop mutual interests and share risks, whilst maintaining integrity and confidentiality?


Working Group 1: Vision on International Policing Cooperation

What principles should guide a future-oriented vision and a white paper blueprint for international policing cooperation and coordination for the next ten years?


Working Group 2: Meeting Future Needs

How should public police organisations create the environment to meet the future needs of policing over the next ten years in a period of significant social, economic and political instability and volatility?



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