Pearls Conference 2016

Uniting Global Law Enforcement

Sydney, Australia

The 10th Pearls in Policing Conference was hosted in Sydney, Australia, from 11 – 15 June 2016 and was organised by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the New South Wales Police Force (NSW) and the Pearls Secretariat in the Netherlands. The theme of the conference was “Uniting Global Law Enforcement”.


During the Pearls conference discussions were based on the research conducted by the members of the International Action Learning Group (IALG), two working groups consisting of the police chiefs themselves, inspiring interactive sessions and peer to peer consultations. The annual conference is the culmination of a year of continuous learning undertaken by the IALG. The 2015-2016 IALG has presented its findings, based on the assignment which has been formulated during the previous Pearls  in Policing conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, to the Pearls delegates at the start of the conference: The rise of violent extremism, whether through ultra-nationalists, anti-globalisationists, religious fundamentalists or lone actors, has underscored the critical need for law enforcement agencies to become more effective in combating radicalisation. As established at the 2015 Pearls in Policing conference, more effective strategies will likely entail a shift in focus from the de-radicalisation of already radicalised individuals to addressing and averting pre-radicalisation within at-risk populations. Broad and inclusive partnerships, particularly with governments, NGOs, community organisations and civil society groups, will be essential. Establish the principles that should govern a preventative approach from law enforcement to combatting radicalisation, as part of a broader holistic approach to the problem that includes de-radicalisation and rehabilitation. Research and critically appraise innovative and emerging strategies for combatting radicalisation that are preventative rather than reactionary and identify and examine the partnerships necessary to improve the success of such strategies, not only between agencies, but also at the local and community level in areas in which law enforcement has traditionally struggled.


Working Group 1
Presenting an integrated strategy to protect the most vulnerable, such as domestic violence and child abuse.


Working  Group 2
Exploring the boundaries: striking the balance between hard and soft policing, and over-policing and under-policing, in modern law enforcement.



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