IALG Participants

The IALG is the learning link between Pearls in Policing conferences. The programme facilitates the strategic, professional and personal development of 20 selected senior officials of law enforcement organisations worldwide. IALG participants gather three times a year in different places in the world and they use future-oriented, innovative thinking to explore an emerging strategic issue relevant to the future of policing. The programme concludes when the IALG presents its findings at the start of the annual Pearls in Policing conference. The IALG consists of a maximum of 20 senior law enforcement officials from law enforcement agencies and organisations who participate in the Pearls in Policing conference. Delegates of the Pearls in Policing conference can nominate one participant for the upcoming IALG programme, and after confirmation by the Pearls Curatorium in The Netherlands, their participation in the IALG programme is official. Prospective participants must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Hold a senior position in policing/law enforcement;
  • Have a sound working knowledge of the English language as all seminars are held in English without the use of interpreter services;
  • Be open to new ways of learning;
  • Be willing to explore different and diverse cultural values in order to work effectively in an international learning community;
  • Be willing to make a significant contribution to international law enforcement cooperation and networking;
  • Be committed and available to complete assignments throughout the duration of the programme;
  • Be available to attend the full programme and all three seminars.