IALG Seminars 2016 – 2017

Brussels, Hong Kong, Toronto

The 11th IALG group came together three times over the course of nine months to work on their assignment related to Creating the Shock-Resistant Police Organisations of the Future. The first seminar was hosted by the Belgian Federal Police in Brussels, the second seminar by the Hong Kong Police Force in Hong Kong and the final seminar by the Toronto Police Service in Toronto.

IALG assignment 2016 – 2017:

How do we create the shock-resistant police organisations of the future that can stay focused on preventative and proactive, rather than reactionary policing? How do we create flexible, agile and networked police organisations that are able to rapidly integrate lessons from international experience and emerging best practice, plan effectively for future known and unknowns and establish partnerships and strategies with the private sector to achieve these goals?

Assignment giver: Mr. Rob Wainwright, Director Europol


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