Participants Pearls in Policing

Pearls in Policing is intended for top level executives in law enforcement who are selected by the Pearls Curatorium in The Netherlands. The three day Pearls in Policing conference which takes place every year in June, is attended by a maximum of 35 participants. In a purposefully small and informal setting these leaders have the opportunity to focus on the future of their profession and discuss their professional and personal challenges with their peers. The selection process (by personal invitation only) takes into account professional experience, leadership qualities and innovative characteristics. To ensure a proper balance the list of invitees is based on a few criteria. Each year the list of invitees aims at providing a proper balance between geography, demography, gender and national, regional or international jurisdictions. Participants have to be top level professionals in law enforcement with final responsibilities which implicate that only Police Commissioners or their Deputies (or a similar rank for other law enforcement agencies) can attend the Pearls conference. Participants are requires to have a sound working knowledge of the English language as the official language of the Pearls conference is English without the use of interpretive services.