Pearls Conference 2024

The Future of Policing: Fostering Trust and Legitimacy

Vancouver, Canada

The 17th Pearls in Policing Conference will be hosted in Vancouver, Canada, from 8 – 11 June 2024 and is organised by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Pearls Secretariat in The Netherlands. The theme of the conference is ‘The Future of Policing: Fostering Trust and Legitimacy’.

During the Pearls Conference discussions will be based on the research conducted by the members of the International Action Learning Group (IALG), inspiring interactive sessions and peer to peer consultations. The annual conference is the culmination of a year of continuous learning undertaken by the IALG. This learning group will present its findings at the start of the conference. The assignment for the 2023-2024 IALG has been formulated together with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: The Future of Policing: ‘Fostering Trust and Legitimacy’

The assignment addresses the contemporary challenges faced by police forces globally, describing the current era as a “polycrisis” marked by interconnected crises such as changing demographics, climate change, technological advancements, and more. The primary focus is on the need for strengthening trust and legitimacy within the policing profession to maintain social order and encourage public cooperation amidst these challenges. The assignment aims to explore strategies that foster trust and legitimacy in the evolving landscape of law enforcement, considering the impact on both communities and law enforcement agencies on the strategic level and local context to navigate the complex polycrisis age.

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