IALG Seminars 2014 – 2015

Melbourne, Hong Kong, Copenhagen

The 9th IALG group came together three times over the course of nine months to work on their assignment related to Shaping Innovation through Partnerships. The first seminar was hosted by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Melbourne, the second seminar by the Hong Kong Police Force in Hong Kong and the final seminar by the National Police of Denmark in Copenhagen.

IALG Assignment 2014- 2015:

How do you create a police organisation with the culture and conditions that foster innovation through partnerships? Research the need for partnerships in innovation, both public-public and public-private, as well as co-creation (public, private and academic). Describe the principles that  – from a police point of view – should govern those partnerships and how they can be implemented, bearing in mind the existence of ethical, legal and cultural boundaries and challenges. How do those partnerships develop mutual interests and share risks, whilst maintaining integrity and confidentiality?


Assignment giver: Kevin Perkins, Associate Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


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