IALG Seminars 2015 – 2016

The Hague, Hong Kong, Sydney

The 10th IALG group came together three times over the course of nine months to work on their assignment related to Combating Radicalisation. The first seminar was hosted by the Netherlands Police and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in The Hague, the second seminar by the Hong Kong Police Force in Hong Kong and the final seminar by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and New South Wales Police Force (NSW) in Sydney.

IALG assignment 2015 – 2016:

The rise of violent extremism, whether through ultra-nationalists, anti-globalisationists, religious fundamentalists or lone actors, has underscored the critical need for law enforcement agencies to become more effective in combating radicalisation. As established at the 2015 Pearls in Policing conference, more effective strategies will likely entail a shift in focus from the de-radicalisation of already radicalised individuals to addressing and averting pre-radicalisation within at-risk populations. Broad and inclusive partnerships, particularly with governments, NGOs, community organisations and civil society groups, will be essential. Establish the principles that should govern a preventative approach from law enforcement to combatting radicalisation, as part of a broader holistic approach to the problem that includes de-radicalisation and rehabilitation. Research and critically appraise innovative and emerging strategies for combatting radicalisation that are preventative rather than reactionary and identify and examine the partnerships necessary to improve the success of such strategies, not only between agencies, but also at the local and community level in areas in which law enforcement has traditionally struggled.


Assignment giver: Catherine De Bolle, Commissioner of the Belgian Federal Police


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